The first Lincoln School was opened on January 20, 1911, at 1425 East Calvert Street. Construction of a new school and the demolition of the old school occurred in 2005. The new building opened on August 15, 2006, as Lincoln Primary Center to house students in grades K-4. The school was named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States

Lincoln Primary Center houses over 400 students in pre-K through grade 4.

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  • Breakfast hours are 7:40am-8:00am.Bus riders eat upon arrival.
  • School hours are 8:15am–2:20pm.Students are tardy at 8:20am.
  • Excessive tardies/absences may be referred to Casie Center or the Juvenile Justice Center.
  • Students released early for doctor appointments or absent due to illness need a note upon return. If your child had a fever, 24 hours fever free must pass before he/she is able to return.
  • NO pets on school ground 7:30-4:00pm. Please do not walk your dogs to school while dropping off or picking up your child.This is for their safety.
  • Children may ONLY be released to those whose name is on their emergency card.Make sure you turn those in and that all names and numbers are always kept up to date.
  • Please call the main office by 1:30pm for any transportation change.
  • If you are late picking up your children, please come into the office and sign them out.